Trailer Brake Parts and Diagrams

Been reading the statistics of the readers who were searching for various diagrams of brake parts, brake lines and looking for diagrams so thought I’d write a little on that and help those looking for that. does sell trailers but I did find another manufacturer who has a lot of articles and diagrams for those wanting to install or repair/modify brakes on their trailers. Some of you may even be building a custom boat trailer and this information would be handy. I have to admit since I have many years of IT experience, I’m not too shabby at searching the web. Here’s a link to Champion Trailers who has lots of good technical articles and diagrams, you should find what you’re looking for there.

Easy Wiring Schematic Basic


For all wiring, this little schematic is the basis for all wiring. I highly recommend using a second battery for almost all your wiring needs. Of course if you’re running a high end stereo, then more batteries would be needed. I also recommend installing LED lighting. Check our associates at EZACDC and the Boat Wiring Store. PontoonStuff also has these little micro LED’s that are very affordable and I love using them. Another item that’s very handy for dual battery setups (or more) is the VSR system if your outboard has at least a 16amp charging system. Click on the image below to get a bigger image.