Pontoon Boat Railing

Pontoon boat railings are typically located on pontoons for safety and aesthetic reasons. While railings don’t take up the entire perimeter of the boat, you can usually get them customized to represent your interests.


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Railings are made from anodized aluminum and are mostly tubing. However, some pontoon boat railings are more solid, but give more weight to your boat. The panels, which cover the bottom half of the railing structure, are made from aluminum as well, but include a special laminate for outdoor use. Also, this laminate portion can be painted a different color.

No matter what the railings are made from, manufacturers make them easy to assemble and maintain. Don’t worry that you need to be an engineer or an expert mechanic to put railings on your pontoon boat.

Why Do You Need a Railing?

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You should have a railing to provide safety for you and your passengers. The seats on a pontoon provide some protection, but only when you’re sitting. Chances are, not everyone will be sitting down at the same time through the boat trip. The only area that should not have a railing is the rear of pontoon where you enter and exit the boat. This is typically three or four feet in length.

On the railing, you can either have square insets or nothing at all. This is your opportunity to flash up your boat with graphics and decals. Some of the companies below offer customized graphics to place on your boat and others have pre-made decals you can purchase.

Where to Find Pontoon Boat Railings

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Some companies specialize in pontoon boat railings but you can also find railings through pontoon boat dealers. The dealers will most likely have railings for the boats they currently sell or have sold in the past few years, so if you need to replace a railing, then check with your local dealer first.

If you can’t find the right railing from an online dealer, then check your local pontoon dealer or local marina. If they don’t have railings in stock or on site, ask the dealer for help to find where you can find what you’re looking for. If that turns out to be a bust, you can always leave your name and address in case he comes across a dealer or person who can help.

Stern Entry Pontoon Sundeck Fence Rail Kit @ PontoonStuff

Most of your good deals are probably on the Internet, but don’t count out any local stores or dealers for railings for your pontoon boat. Dealer prices¬†will be significally higher than most railings you can find on the internet. However, keep in mind that those will not be identical to your OEM pontoon manufacturers. However if you’re rebuilding, you can plan the way you want your boat to look to your satisfaction. To this end, PontoonStuff has what you need including fence railing and skin.